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NWCSL 1st Team Match Report 3

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Being stuck on the M56 for 1½ hours near Manchester Airport is bad enough, but the evening got worse when the 1st team lost at Grove Park.
In her opening match of the season, Emily Whitlock went down 0:3 to Luke McFarlane. The match was over when I arrived but, on paper, this was a match she could have/should have won.
Ameel Talib was on next playing Morgan Hibberd (Top). Morgan had just taken the third game when I arrived making it 2:1 in the home team’s favour. The fourth game was equally as close as the previous game scores suggest, but Morgan was just able to string together a series of winning rallies when it mattered most to win the match 3:1.
Now it was Rob Taylor’s turn to save the match (Below). He was up against Ky Hibberd. I’ve seen Ky play many times over the last three seasons, and this was his best match yet. He dominated the tee and everything came off. It was the opposite for Rob. When he did manage to work an opening, too often the winning shot went down. It was just not his night.


It was damage limitation time now. After a mediocre performance last previous week, Adam Taylor had something to prove (Above). Unfortunately for Oscar Beach, he was on the receiving end. Adam completely bemused him in the first game winning 1:11. Things improved slightly for Oscar after that. But there was never any doubt of the end result and Adam cruised to victory in 3 straight games in front of an appreciative home crowd.
Finally, it was Andy Whipp against Michael Andrews (Below). Michael made it to the semi-finals in the British U23 Open this year. Andy won the first game and Michael the second. Andy then tightened his game up a little bit more. This proved too much for his opponent and Andy took the next two games 5:11 and 4:11 to win the match.

But with only 7 points from the tie, Warrington slip to third in the table, 4 points behind Grove Park, and 8 points behind leaders, Liverpool CC. All this can change the week after next when Liverpool come to WSC. What a match we have in prospect.


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