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NWCSL 1st Team Match Report 1

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The first match of the season was at Bowdon.
Straight on were the number 1’s where Adrian Waller took on Pete Bilson, always a tough competitor. It was a cagey and skilful match, but Adrian always had the edge and he was able to secure the victory in 3 games (Below Left).


Meant while on the other court, Rob Taylor faced Jamie Chalcraft (Above Right). The first game was close, but Rob edged ahead to win 8-11. After that, Rob’s played a tight, steady game and waited for the mistakes to come. They did; and he was able to take the next two games quite easily.


Back on the show court, it was the turn of Rob Downer and Jacob Robinson. (Top). In a fast and flashy match, Rob again had the better game and he closed out the first two games at 8-11. With a visibly tiring Jamie, the third game was much more straightforward. Three up.
Next it was Andy Whipp against Matt Lowery. This was one-sided contest with Andy’s power and all-round game proving too much for Matt (Below Left).


The final match was Ameel Talib against Olivia Howell (Above Right). This was Ameel’s first game for Warrington in the 1st team. With neither player getting into their stride, Ameel won the opening game 2-11 but looked quite nervous. Then Olivia found her length and a bit more accuracy and levelled the match 11-3. This seemed to provide the stimulus that Ameel needed. He started hit the ball harder and better which was enough for him to win the third game. Then, growing in confidence all the time, he took the match with an easy fourth game.

So, the tie was won 20 points to 1 – a great start in defence of the title.


Bowdon 1 Warrington 1 Result Games
Peter Bilson Adrian Waller 0-3 8/11 7/11 7/11
Jacob Robinson Robert Downer 0-3 8/11 8/11 4/11
Matt Lowery Andy Whipp 0-3 6/11 1/11 3/11
Olivia Howell Ameel Talib 1-3 2/11 11/3 9/11 1/11
Jamie Chalcraft Rob Taylor 0-3 8/11 2/11 4/11

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