Junior Hockey

One of our main aims is to develop our junior section at Warrington Hockey  into another area that the local community can tap into, participate in, and enjoy.

Why hockey?
Hockey is the BEST sport; because of a few DOs and DON’Ts.
We don’t have side-line parent-coaches shouting and swearing. We don’t kick or tackle each other. There’s no pressure to be scouted by an academy. We don’t kick muddy studs into the car or dump muddy kit at home.
We DO have a lot of fun. We exercise and get active. We develop coordination skills applicable to other sports. We take all the best bits from other sports; football positioning, rugby aggression, cricket ball-striking, netball pivoting, as well as developing a general team sport ethos, intrinsic to any child’s development.

Will my child enjoy it?
If your child loves sport, plays any of the above, they can transfer those vital skills across to hockey effortlessly, in fact, studies show most elite athletes participated in multi-sport training at a younger age!
And if you’re not a budding elite athlete, you’re even more welcome to join the family and give hockey a go, socialise, make new friends, be active and heathy.
All children qualify to play our sport; of which we already have a great mixture to become part of!

Sounds good, when is it?
We currently run a junior session every week, Saturday 11-12am at Priestley College, providing qualified coaches, enthusiastic senior volunteers, safe environments, skill development, fun, fitness and activity. Your first session is FREE, with a £3 fee if you’re enjoying further sessions. Equipment provided. It’s for ages 6-13, with 13+ having access to our senior training! We do have contacts with regional development centres for players that really get bitten by the bug!

I’m still not sold…
Well; it’s nice casual start for anyone that’s had a glass/pint or two on the Friday night… You’re done before the football kicks off… You aren’t behind Sunday drivers… We give you an hour’s peace and quiet (unless you’re braving the side-line)… And we’ll do our best to wear them out for the day…
If you want to know more please contact our Junior Development Officer Holly Mccurrie, or contact our busy social media pages.

Junior Development Coach’s comments: “Junior hockey at Warrington is fun, safe and enjoyable for all children. As of next year we hope to split our training into age groups to provide our children more age specific style training. Working with the aim to play regular games against other local junior teams as we grow as a section. We are a growing club who welcome brand new players to those who’ve played at school and build them towards being our star future senior players.”


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Holly McCurrie (Junior Development Officer)


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