Archery at Warrington

We shoot on superbly maintained cricket grounds surrounded by mature trees in probably one of the most desirable Archery ranges in Cheshire.  Currently we have around 65 Archers and we welcome new members throughout the year;  there is no restriction on time of joining.

We run introductory training courses several times a year, which are supplemented with close supervision until individuals are happy and confident in their shooting.  We enjoy a relaxed and happy atmosphere but have strict safety rules for shooting for obvious reasons.


New members are encouraged to join in conversations during our (frequent) coffee breaks.  The aim is for people to enjoy themselves by making new friends in a beautiful environment, as well as deriving pleasure from the art of casting arrows.  Our members are mainly Target Archers, which as the name suggests is shooting at the classic roundel face at various distances, but some individuals enjoy other styles such as field and clout shooting.  Archers used 3 types of Bows in Target shooting – modern Recurves and Compounds and traditional bows such as Longbows and Mongol Horse Recurves.  For more information see Types of Archery and Types of Bows.

We hold a monthly handicapped competition every month which is so that even new members can (and do) win the Trophy. Additionally, we have the National Classification system in place to encourage Archers to measure and improve skill levels.

The Club grounds are privately owned which allows us to shoot 7 days a week throughout the year.

Ideal for retirees!



Steve Connolly (Archery Chairman)


For more information:

call 01925 263210